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Top 5 Student-Approved TV Shows for Stress Relief

A student’s life can be overwhelming with assignments, tests, and many responsibilities. As a reprieve, many find solace in TV shows that provide laughter, escape, and sometimes even insights into human nature. Here are the top 5 TV shows handpicked by students, which can be the perfect antidote for stress.

Why Should Students Watch TV Shows?

For students, TV shows offer more than just entertainment. They provide:

  • Escape from Reality: A brief journey into fictional worlds helps take the edge off real-life pressures like academic writing. To get rid of this stressful factor for good, go to Grab My Essay. This site offers writing services for students at affordable prices.
  • Cultural Awareness: Students gain insights into different walks of life through diverse casts and storylines.
  • Life Lessons: While veiled in humor, these shows often offer valuable lessons on love, friendship, and perseverance.
  • Emotional Catharsis: A good laugh or cry can be therapeutic, helping students navigate their emotional landscape.
  • Bonding Over Shared Interests: Discussing episodes, characters, or memorable quotes can lead to deepened friendships and connections.

1. The Office (U.S.)

Set in the modest offices of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, PA, this mockumentary-style sitcom chronicles the everyday lives of office employees. The show spans nine seasons and is lauded for its genius in finding humor in the mundane. Michael Scott, the endearingly inappropriate regional manager, leads a cast of diverse characters, each more quirky than the next. Whether it’s Jim’s pranks on Dwight, Pam’s journey from receptionist to office administrator, or the oddball antics of Creed, students find both hilarity and a touch of reality that makes this show relatable and endlessly rewatchable.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This comedic take on a New York City police department showcases the unlikely but lovable group of detectives of the 99th precinct. While Jake Peralta, the talented but immature detective, often steals the show with his antics, the series is grounded by the stoic and hilarious Captain Raymond Holt. Their interactions, combined with the precinct’s unique cases and personal storylines (from Rosa’s tough exterior with a soft heart to Terry’s love for yogurt), make this a bingeworthy TV show for students.

3. Friends

A timeless favorite, this series follows six friends living in New York City: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe. Their apartments serve as the backdrop for romances, breakups, monumental birthdays, and endless cups of coffee at Central Perk. The magic of “Friends” is its ability to capture the essence of young adulthood and the bond of friendship that often feels like family. For students, it provides a glimpse into life post-college and the adventures that await.

4. Parks and Recreation

This comedic portrayal of the Parks Department of fictional Pawnee, Indiana, is centered around the overly enthusiastic Leslie Knope. Her love for her town and her job, combined with her unbreakable spirit, makes her one of television’s most endearing characters. Students resonate with the show’s message of optimism, perseverance, and the hilarious challenges of working in local government. From Ron Swanson’s love for meat to April’s deadpan humor, every character adds depth and humor to the series. Even though this show has nothing to do with students, the atmosphere of a governmental body that is mockingly portrays can still be reminiscent of what students sometimes have to deal with. However, if you want a show that is directly related to student life, read this post here. You will certainly find a series that will spark your fancy.

5. The Great British Bake Off

A soothing break from traditional sitcoms, this British baking competition stands out for its wholesome nature. Set against a picturesque English garden backdrop, amateur bakers take on weekly challenges, from intricate pastries to classic British bakes. The genuine camaraderie among participants, devoid of cutthroat competition, sets it apart. For students, it’s a therapeutic watch, combining the comfort of baked goods with the warmth of heartfelt human interactions.

The Show Must Go On

In the midst of intense study sessions, looming deadlines, and the ever-present pressures of academic life, these TV shows have become a beacon of relief for countless students. Providing an escape, they allow students to momentarily step away from their textbooks and immerse themselves in worlds that offer laughter, camaraderie, and, sometimes, a different perspective on life. So, the next time stress starts to mount, consider pressing play on one of these student-approved shows. Not only will they offer the joy of entertainment, but they might also give you a renewed vigor to tackle your academic challenges with a smile. Remember, life as a student isn’t just about grades and assignments; it’s also about finding pockets of joy and relaxation, and these shows offer just that.

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