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‘In From the Side’: special edition Blu-ray release coming this month

Matt Carter’s hit debut feature ‘In From The Side’ is getting a special edition Blu-ray release by Verve Pictures on 23rd October 2023.

The film, which explores life on and off the pitch at a gay rugby club, stars Alexander Lincoln (‘Everything I Know About Love) and Alexander King (‘Charlotte’). The cast also includes Christopher Sherwood, Peter McPherson, Pearse Egan, Carl Loughlin and Ivan Comisso.

Mark (Alexander Lincoln), a new and inexperienced rugby club member, finds himself drawn to Warren (Alexander King), a seasoned first team player. When a series of happenstances at an away fixture lead to a drunken encounter, Mark and Warren unwittingly embark on a romantic affair they struggle to hide from their partners and teammates. As the secret begins to unravel, team spirit, loyalties and camaraderie are tested in writer-director Matt Carter’s startlingly sensitive story about forbidden love and finding your tribe.

Writer-director Carter has been involved in inclusive rugby for a number of year as both a player, coach and referre.  Rugby has a rich and extensive culture that he felt had been under-explored on film, and which he wanted to bring to a wider audience with the hopes of raising the public profile of ‘inclusive’ sports clubs and their benefits to society.  He says of his debut feature:

“There is often discussion around the concept of masculinity surrounding sport – especially with rugby. Assumptions are made that because rugby is very physical, it must be inherently ‘toxically’ masculine. ‘In From the Side’ takes aim at these preconceived notions, tackling common stereotypes of gay men in sport and how it is possible for healthy, non-toxic masculinity to thrive in this environment.” 

You can read our 5-star review of ‘In From The Side’ and find out more about the film by reading our interviews with Alexander Lincoln, Alexander King and Carl Loughlin.

The special features for the release are:

12-page colour booklet

Director’s commentary

Lead actor’s commentary

3 x featurettes

Out take reel

Music video


Audio description

SDH subtitles

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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