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Jade Eagleson – ‘Do It Anyway’ album review

Jade Eagleson, a rising star in the world of international country music, has left an indelible mark on the industry already at just 29 years old. With an impressive track record of accomplishments, he has solidified his place as a force to be reckoned with. Since the release of his self-titled album in 2020, Eagleson has achieved remarkable success. His debut album has garnered over 285 million global streams and has accumulated more than 114 million views on YouTube. Notably, this album also boasts four gold-certified and two platinum-certified singles. Additionally, Jade holds the prestigious title of having the most globally streamed debut album by an internationally-signed country artist.

Eagleson’s journey began with the release of his debut single, ‘Got Your Name On It’ in 2018. This single catapulted him into the spotlight as a YouTube Trending ‘Artist On The Rise,’ marking a historic moment as the first Canadian-signed artist, regardless of genre, to receive this honor. ‘Got Your Name On It’ further solidified Jade’s legacy by becoming the first debut single by a Canadian artist to achieve platinum status. Most recently Eagleson received his second JUNO nomination for Country Album of the Year, a testament to his continued growth and artistic excellence. Furthermore, he garnered five nominations for the 2023 CCMA Awards, including Entertainer of the Year, Fans’ Choice, Male Artist of the Year, Video of the Year, and Innovative Campaign of the Year, walking away as the winner of three of the awards including the coveted ‘Male Artist of the Year’ and ‘Entertainer of the Year’ too.

With a cast of stellar writers like Kelly Archer, Gordie Sampson, Jacob Davis, Ashley Gorley and Larry Fleet, ‘Do It Anyway’ was always going to be a slick, smooth and engaging project but alongside that you need some heart and a spark of something different, and Eagleson has that in spades.

The album kicks off with a quintessential traditional country track, in ‘Neon Dreaming,’ that immerses us in twangy guitars and fiddles. Eagleson’s storytelling shines as he narrates a bar room rendezvous with a girl who’s “heaven in blue jeans.” The harmonies on the chorus add depth and charm to this spirited opener and the tone is set from there.

If you like a bit of bar room honky tonk then be sure to check out songs like ‘Rodeo Queen,’ ‘Some Cowboy’ and ‘Honky Talkin’. Eagleson’s deep, baritone vocals shine on ‘Rodeo Queen’, which is an infectious, foot-stomping track that captures the allure of a free-spirited woman whilst ‘Some Cowboy’ is a lighthearted song reminding us that there’s always someone worse off than we are. With fiddles, barroom guitars, and a dose of earthy advice, it’s a feel-good track with a funky guitar solo too. ‘Honky Talkin,’ meanwhile, tells the story of a girl who’s a neon legend and, similar to the protagonist of ‘Rodeo Queen’, someone who is very free-spirited and difficult to pin down! It’s another song about chasing after a girl that might just be out of your league but you’ll get a good dance with her out of the attempt before she moves on!

Elsewhere there’s a real early Dierks Bentley feel to some of the songs on ‘Do It Anyway’ and you’ll also find some prime Brooks and Dunn influences in other places. ‘Shakin in them Boots’ unleashes a burst of energy with lively fiddle work and a hoedown atmosphere reminiscent of early Dierks Bentley. The song barrels forward with a playful spirit, highlighted by impressive guitar and banjo solos that keep the energy high on a song that will be a joy to see live whilst Eagleson’s clever wordplay in ‘Telluride’ showcases the lyrical prowess of writers John Pierce, Blake Pendergrass and Travis Wood as Eagleson advises a girl to leave a toxic relationship. Smooth melodies and an authentic Bentley-esque Country feel make this track stand out on an album packed full of impressive moments. Similarly, whilst we are in that tender, mature and wistful part of ‘Do It Anyway, we should talk about ‘That’s What Love Looks Like.’ Here the album closes on a heartfelt note, featuring a conversation between a father and son about maintaining long-term relationships. Eagleson’s bluesy vocals, fiddles, and an anthemic ’80s rock guitar solo create a memorable and insightful finale in terms of both the sonics and the heartfelt nature of the lyrics and their relatability to all our own lives.

The Brooks and Dunn style fun is delivered by the double whammy punch of the title track and ‘Coulda Fooled Me’. The former bursts into life with a blaze of fiddles and barroom guitars, building to a honky-tonk chorus that’s sure to be a hit at live shows. ‘Do It Anyway’ finds Eagleson unapologetically singing about his foibles and failings, creating an infectious anthem, whilst on ‘Coulda Fooled Me’ there’s a little more of a Texan vibe eschewed by the likes of contemporary artists such as Midland. This heartbreak song delves into the feelings of being left behind by someone who acts as though the relationship never happened. It resonates with a blend of contemporary and classic Country elements whilst all the time tugging on your heartstrings in a powerful and relatable way.

Achieving a harmonious blend of contemporary and timeless elements, this 13-track compilation delves into life’s fundamental aspects: love, family, and personal development. These values have been deeply rooted in Eagleson since his upbringing as a sixth-generation farmer. With unwavering dedication to enduring ideals, ‘Do It Anyway’ emerges as an album that seamlessly melds modern ideals with an enduring and classic soundscape. Jade Eagleson is a young artist with an old soul and a glittering career ahead.

Jade Eagleson
Credit: Starseed / Umusic

Track List: 1. Neon Dreamin’ 2. Shakin’ in them Boots 3. Telluride 4. Still Gonna Be You (Jade’s Version) 5. A Lot In A Little Town 6. Whiskey Around It 7. Do It Anyway 8. Rodeo Queen 9. Steal My Girl 10. Some Cowboy 11. Honky Tonkin’ 12. Coulda Fooled Me 13. That’s What Love Looks Like Record Label: Umusic Release Date: 29th September Buy ‘Do It Anyway’ right now

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Jade Eagleson, a rising star in the world of international country music, has left an indelible mark on the industry already at just 29 years old. With an impressive track record of accomplishments, he has solidified his place as a force to be reckoned...Jade Eagleson - 'Do It Anyway' album review