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Iconic festival performances and the best moments of the C2C festival so far

Festival performances have been an integral part of music and cultural history, with numerous artists leaving an indelible mark on audiences and the music industry as a whole. This report explores some of the most iconic festival performances of all time, showcasing their impact on music, culture, and the world at large. These performances not only elevated the artists to legendary status but also redefined the way festivals are perceived and experienced.

Music festivals have become a global phenomenon, attracting thousands or even millions of attendees each year. They serve as platforms for artists to reach larger audiences and create memorable moments that transcend time and place. Some festival performances are etched in the collective memory, becoming benchmarks for excellence in live music. The C2C festival in London each March has become the most iconic Country music festival outside of the USA in the decade plus that it has been running. As we approach the announcement of the 2024 line up we thought it might be worth looking back at some iconic moments. But first, let’s spread the net wider and look at the most iconic festival moments in music history.

Woodstock (1969) – Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Woodstock in 1969 is widely regarded as one of the most iconic moments in rock history. His electrifying and distorted interpretation of the American national anthem captured the spirit of a generation and the turbulent times. Hendrix’s performance at Woodstock not only solidified his status as a guitar virtuoso but also symbolised the countercultural movement of the 1960s and its resistance to authority. It remains a symbol of the era’s social and political upheaval.

Live Aid (1985) – Queen

Queen’s set at Live Aid in 1985, held simultaneously in London and Philadelphia, is often hailed as one of the greatest live performances in rock history. Freddie Mercury’s charismatic stage presence and the band’s flawless performance captivated the massive global audience. The performance not only raised millions of dollars for famine relief in Africa but also demonstrated the power of music to unite people across borders and cultures. The band’s set is still celebrated as a defining moment in rock and philanthropy.

Monterey Pop Festival (1967) – The Who

The Who’s performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 is remembered for its explosive finale. Pete Townshend smashed his guitar, Keith Moon kicked over his drum kit, and the stage erupted in flames. This display of raw energy became a defining moment in rock and roll history. This performance at Monterey Pop set a new standard for stage theatrics in rock music. It marked the birth of the “destructive” rock star persona and had a profound influence on subsequent generations of musicians and performers.

Coachella (2018) – BeyoncĂ©

BeyoncĂ©’s headlining set at Coachella 2018, often referred to as “Beychella,” was a dazzling showcase of talent, creativity, and cultural significance. It featured a marching band, dancers, a powerful message of Black empowerment, and a surprise Destiny’s Child reunion. The set redefined the possibilities of what a festival headliner could achieve. It celebrated Black culture, feminism, and the art of live performance, inspiring a new generation of artists to aim higher in terms of artistic ambition and social commentary.

C2C’s Most Iconic Moments

Drake Milligan (2023)

Everywhere this Texan honky tonker went last year a little cloud of happiness and joy went with him. Whether you saw him at his raucous Indigo set or upstairs, late at night rounding off the evening with a sweaty, frantic set in All-Bar-One you were left in no doubt as to just what a charismatic and talented performer Drake Milligan was. He left it all up on stage each time he performed and spread such a sense of fun that it would be great to see him given a chance up on the main stage next year.

Zac Brown Band (2014)

The Zac Brown Band came, they saw and they rocked the C2C festival in 2014. Taking the arena by the scruff of the neck they played a bombastic set full of iconic songs and surprise covers. Ending their main set with a cover of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ showed the London crowd just what a versatile band they were and then further covers of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ and Charlie Daniels’ ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ meant that their headline show ended with the audience somewhat breathless and with ringing ears!

Kip Moore (2015)

Moore’s debut UK show was largely played to an audience unfamiliar with his work. Nearing the completion of second album, ‘Wild Ones’ Moore took to the stage with most of the audience (apart from us given we had owned a much-loved CD copy of ‘Up All Night’ for the previous 3-4 years) in their seats but that wasn’t the case come the end of the set. The UK took Kip Moore to their hearts based on this one set alone and his promise to sign autographs in the foyer after is still the stuff of legend and saw him stuck inside the O2 arena for a long time after most of us had gone home!

Ashley McBryde (2018)

McBryde’s presence at the C2C festival in 2018 was nothing short of messianic. Everywhere she went the crowds followed in her wake and her set at the Indigo on the Saturday afternoon is still regarded by many as ‘THE’ best moment in C2C history. Hearing songs from her (then) upcoming debut album performed with Ashley’s unique sense of style, charm and humour was an absolute privilege and we also got to hear ‘Fat and Famous’ performed on request, a song she said she was in the process of ‘retiring’ at the time.

Keith Urban (2019)

Urban made his C2C debut heading in some style in 2019. He’s an infectious performer to begin with but he attacked the main stage with a sense of intensity and verve not often seen by anyone in any genre. Playing a greatest hits set, Urban wowed the crowd with his charisma and brought the house down in terms of audience participation and engagement. A truly electric performance from an entertainer at the peak of his career.

Lets hope the 2024 line up has the same level of intensity and engagement! The line up announcement should be coming in the next few weeks.

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